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  • reed

  • ec0-friendly

  • ecological restoration

  • In line with SDGs

  • In line with ESG/CSR

We focus on environmental protection, and hope to build eco-green building materials that satisfy ecological restoration and are friendly to the environment at the same time, meet the needs of local farmers to plant, take care of diverse ecology, purify rivers, reduce the carbon footprint of buildings, and provide nature-based business model.


Our Services
Environmental Education Customized Eco Travel

Experience a journey of "water" and feel the pulsation of streams and the vitality of reeds.

Should weeds be removed, and bird eggs protected?
Will man-made protection be a disturbance to nature?


Come experience it for yourself! See how we promote local environmental sustainability :)

Reed Innovation

Green Building Materials

Develop environmentally friendly ecological green building materials, maintain diverse ecology, respond to SDGs 2030 building carbon reduction goals, and practice a nature-based business model.

Ecological restoration, it turns out that there can be multiple benefits!

Carbon Trading

Reduce Carbon Footprint

Reeds can capture carbon dioxide, become green building materials, and can also become carbon sink transactions.

Improve the quality of nature-based carbon rights, improve operational efficiency, protect rivers and soil, and assist companies in their ESG carbon reduction goals

 Recommendation Partner -  NCKU foundation

“Ecological green building materials made of reeds
A nature-based business that supports ecological restoration
​Cooperation with corporate ESG to create low-carbon buildings”

Professor.Lee 李訓谷教授

Green Building Partner

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