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Sunroom with Wicker Furniture
Reed Innovation
Green Building Materials

The planting and harvesting of reeds allows the plants that originally grow by the river to naturally suppress dust. Regular harvesting can also achieve more effective logging and avoid affecting drainage.


Introducing materials like reeds into the green building system can also achieve the effect of carbon capture and storage.


The harvested reeds are made into environmentally friendly building materials, and they are the first batch of ecological green building materials in Taiwan that use reeds to reduce carbon in buildings.

*Green building materials made of reeds


After carbon capture and storage, that carbon can participate in the carbon trading market to practice sustainable agriculture.

A business model based on nature is also a circular economy that belongs to this river.

The decarbonization of existing building materials in Taiwan is still the reuse and replacement of reinforced cement.

However, 82% of the carbon reduction lies in the choice of building materials. In Europe, reeds are used as ecological green buildings.

By borrowing the experience of foreign natural house construction, you can feel the strong vitality of natural reeds.


Regardless of the renovation of old houses or the planning of new projects, choosing ecological green building materials is the best choice for carbon reduction.

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