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your nature-based business model

a sustainable ecological restoration


Crisis: The Circularity Gap Report 2021 points out that, combining the circular economy and climate change mitigation, global warming is expected to be kept below 2°C by 2032.

Challenge: Comparing the Circular Economy Gap Report, 82% of the carbon reduction in housing demand occurs in building materials.

We focus on "decarbonization of building materials" and "using carbon sinks to achieve sustainable agriculture".

Solution: through nature-based solutions

Ecological protection: Planting reeds can purify the river, prevent the flying of sand and dust, and the waste of land

Ecological restoration: restore the local wetland ecosystem while storing carbon dioxide, reducing carbon and developing carbon sink trading

​Sustainable agriculture: Use reed fiber as green building material to generate high economic value and increase the economic income of local farmers

Founder: Joshua Chang
  • Founder at SlashLC


2023:20x24 Startup of the Year award of MiniUnicorn

2022:Hualien County Government: Hualien County Youth Advisory Committee

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Voice Peng

  • Director of Business development at SlashLC


2022:Author of the circular economy on Bookboon

2021:Certificate from TU Delft, Netherland

2020:External consultant of Guidepoint 

2019:Stretagy alliance member of Taiwan cradle to cradle

  • LinkedIn
  • 2023:Became the NTU Corporate Accelerator Program team of Pluspay and Acer Group

  • 2022: The first tourist rafting center will be rebuilt as an educational demonstration site for reed green building materials

  • 2021: Cooperate with NCKU R&D foundation to develop reed green building materials

  • 2021: 5 hectares of reed planting base authorized by the River Bureau

  • 2020: Migrate to Hualien and establish "product-to-origin" reed cultivation to reduce carbon footprint

  • 2018: Sell eco-friendly reed straws to replace single-use plastic straws

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