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Environmental Education Customized Eco Travel

Doing environmental education by the river doesn't require a presentation or a projector.

The natural environment that can be seen at the scene is the most authentic material shared with tourists.

I have held corporate CSR trips and campus environmental education. I have observed that the most responsive moments are usually:

  • When you find a nighthawk egg, you will be unconsciously surprised

  • Feel the water source of the river, the vitality of the flow

  • ​First experience with environmentally friendly reed straws, replacing disposable plastic straws

As the largest river in the east, what I feel is the humility and tolerance of nature.

Her charm can only be recommended to experience it for yourself, to feel His flow, both upstream and downstream are wisdom.


​Come to experience, be with the streams, mountains and rivers,

Come to relax and nourish your inner environmental education.​


Joshua /  Founder

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